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We are Friends of Vineyard.

"We're in a declared war, but unless we're clear about who the enemy is, we'll waste our time fighting enemies that aren't enemies at all. There's only one enemy and no matter what people do, say or react to people are never the enemy. The enemy is our only enemy..."

-John Wimber





Friends of Vineyard is a body of Christians who helped found and establish Vineyard Anaheim, the church Alan and Kathryn Scott were hired to serve as lead pastors in late 2017. This webpage is intended to bring light to the events and conduct which led to hundreds of congregants leave Vineyard Anaheim and consequently to the lawsuit which you can read here.


In February 2022, Alan Scott announced his intention to disassociate the Vineyard Anaheim church from Vineyard USA along with all its assets totaling at least $62 Million. Vineyard Anaheim was renamed Dwelling Place Anaheim by the Scotts and the new board of directors. Vineyard Anaheim was the flagship church of the Vineyard movement internationally as it was started by the founders of the Vineyard movement.


Importantly, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit represent the majority of members of the board of directors that hired Alan and Kathryn Scott along with members of the Search Committee that recommended the Scotts to lead the church as pastors. It is the representations made by Alan Scott during the interviews before the search committee and the then existing board of directors that establish the legal basis for the lawsuit.


We encourage you to read the detailed factual assertions set forth in the complaint that was filed in the Superior Court of the County of Orange, which is now a matter of public record.


Following significant efforts to resolve the dispute biblically with the Scotts and their new board of directors, the former board members, search committee members, and congregants believed they had a responsibility to take this legal action to remedy the wrong perpetrated on the Vineyard congregation and to safeguard the Body of Christ.


This decision came after significant prayer and contemplation. It was not a rash decision by any means but only came after learning of the independent accounts of numerous individuals involved.  When confronted, Alan Scott and his board have been unresponsive in that they have not offered one solution.  


Our desire is that people learn the facts of this disturbing situation.  Faithful Vineyard Anaheim tithers have sown into the life of Vineyard Anaheim for over 40 years working diligently to pay off the mortgage and establish long term financial health for the next generation.  Alan and Kathryn were hired to lead Vineyard Anaheim; not remove the church from the Vineyard family and abscond with the assets.  


A large search committee of Vineyard Anaheim leaders asked pointed questions to Alan and Kathryn about their call to serve Vineyard Anaheim as pastors and their dedication to the Vineyard family. They assured the search committee and board members they were committed to keeping Vineyard Anaheim in association with Vineyard USA. The complaint references specific statements of Alan Scott during the interview process where it alleges he said, “Due to the historical nature of this church and out of honor to John and the Wimber family, I would never take this house out of the Vineyard Movement.”   


The complaint further asserts that “if the Scott Defendants had ever represented that they would leave the Vineyard Movement, the Board and Search Committee would never have hired the Scott Defendants.”


The world-wide outcry is mounting for Alan and Kathryn to return the $62 Million in assets to the Vineyard congregation and to the Vineyard movement. We implore you to ask questions, learn the facts, and fully understand the details.  


We have attempted several times to resolve this painful matter from a biblical perspective.  Alan and his board have been unwilling to engage in meaningful, constructive discussions. Alan has ignored many good faith attempts from numerous Vineyard leaders in the U.S. and around the world, including Carol Wimber’s multiple requests, to resolve this matter.


After much prayer and seeking wisdom, we - former leaders, board members, and founders of Vineyard Anaheim - are left with no choice but to file a lawsuit and address this matter in court with full public disclosure. Thank God we live in a country with law and order.  Alan and Kathryn preach honor, but their actions demonstrate extreme dishonor.  They could have left Vineyard Anaheim and started their own church down the street; instead, they are showing their true colors and intent to take the assets that do not belong to them.


May the Lord lead us as we stand up against injustice.


Any questions should be directed to Robert H. Tyler, of Tyler & Bursch, LLP at [email protected]


Carol Wimber, co-founder of Vineyard Anaheim and the movement worldwide with husband John Wimber, in an appeal to Alan and Kathryn Scott